The Shame of Abortion

A curse on this culture of death that keeps these women in shame and despair!

We need a national dialogue. These women need real healing and forgiveness and mercy.

We need to exorcise this damn thing once and for all.

Who’s gonna do it? Who is going to be brave enough to get this outreach going?

One thought on “The Shame of Abortion

  1. The brainwashing of the Western mind through our education establishments. Thay teach love without meaning and killing unborn human beings without guilt. This has been going on and effects the new character of our society. The media, government, courts and everyone is educated thus in the guise of separation of church and State. The education establishments won’t let one go on if one does not put in their textbook answers to abortion and sexology even when common sense and scientific fact prove the textbooks wrong. If the correct scientific facts are given regarding abortion, homosexuality, or sexology the so-called educated elite resort to name calling. This is sad and one cannot see an end to this.
    In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing the people who make our laws. The ones who can convince others to change evil laws, and make good ones. The ones who have convinced the majority of their classmates of this in university classrooms by using common sense and scientific facts to prove the textbook answers are false. But of coarse one has to put in the textbook answer to pass even if it can be proven to be the wrong one. Thank you professor Tom Landers for teaching me this. You are one in a million.

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