The Secret Lives of Women (Who Don’t Use Contraception)

The claim that men do not want women to use birth control so that they can control them by keeping them locked in the kitchen is just plain wrong. I know far-too-many secular friends who want their girlfriends (or latest hook-ups) to use birth control so that they can keep them locked in the bedroom. They are scared to death that one day their lady friends might pop up pregnant. As a struggling but faithful (I’m trying) Catholic man, I am sick and tired of seeing so many women abused, used and then tossed aside like trash. And yet these women continue to go through the cycle again. Yes, the problem is that men want to control women—only the control they want is unlimited sex with no responsibility. Why do the “progressive” women not see through this?
As a man, I am getting very tired of having this utter nonsense ascribed to me by women like the one you quote from Alternet. It’s ridiculous and it’s insulting. Merely stating such accusations does not make them true, and for me and every man I know, they are flagrantly wrong. I don’t know how other men are feeling, but I’m to the point of being really ticked off. My wife and I stopped using birth control before I became Catholic. We chose to do so because we learned that it is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer (and my wife already has a high risk), possible long-term damage to the reproductive system, and it affects the mental state. As people who go out of our way be natural, eat organic foods, and the like it made no sense to turn around and have her pumping her body full of hormones that can harm her. And the moral issue aside, I don’t see why men can’t oppose hormonal birth control on the basic premise that it is harmful to the person we love, and could even contribute to killing them. I don’t see why supporting healthy, natural functioning of the human body should be seen as an evil being put upon women by men.
Come out, come out where ever you are. Speak. Talk about contraception. Spread the Gospel of Life!  Once we start talking about contraception, it’s the beginning of the end for it.

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