The Screwtape Letters playing in New York

You really can see everything in New York, even a professional play enacting C.S. Lewis’ famous work The Screwtape Letters.

Max McLean as Screwtape

During my recent visit to the Big Apple, I saw the play at the Westside Theatre in Manhattan.  It was very well done.  While no play could do justice to Lewis’ masterful work, I think the play was still an excellent enactment.  It was funny and entertaining.  But it also brought forth some of the great spiritual insights on how the devil works, as described by Lewis.

Max McLean delivers a powerful performance as Screwtape.  I don’t know anything about the spirituality of the actors in the play, but their rendition certainly brings forth some strong Christian messages.

I would recommend seeing this play if ever you’re in New York or if the play comes to a theatre near you.

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