The Road to Dhimmitude

The fact that this complaint is even being heard is a disgrace to Canada, but the story becomes almost surreal when we remember that the president of the CIC is Dr. Mohamed Elmasry. On my show three years ago he said that all Israelis were legitimate targets for Palestinian suicide bombers.  “They are part of the Israeli army, even if they have civilian clothes,” he said.  I asked him to clarify or even withdraw his statement. He merely repeated it. Any Israeli over the age of 18, man or woman, is a valid target. (Source)

So let me get this straight.  Elmasry calls Jewish civilians “legitimate targets” for suicide bombers. No reprecussions for him. Mark Steyn quotes a Muslim about population growth and the consequent loss of Western civilization, and gets tagged with a human blights complaint by the same guy?

If you want to know what the road to Dhimmitude is, look no further. You are walking it.

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