The Right Not to Publish is a Freedom Too

We also chose to file the complaints because there wasn’t any other route for us – I mean – ahh – we would have preferred to take the matter to some sort of self-regulatory body of the media such as the press council, but Maclean’s doesn’t subscribe to one, or doesn’t provide alternative venues for complainants like an ombudsman person or anything of that nature.  So we filed with the commissions – not – also because of legislation – sorry – excuse me for one second – sorry – the human rights complaint – so, essentially our complaint was prompted by two things:  the defamatory content of the article, plus Maclean’s stifling debate on the issue. (Source)

Get a grip.  You have obviously not understood the concept of freedom. Freedom means not only having the liberty to publish what you like, but also to decline to publish what you don’t like.

Nobody owes you, buddy.  If you don’t like what MacLean’s has done, go and complain to the plethera of liberal leftwing rags in this country. They will give you a much bigger forum than a modest conservative publication.  Or, is it perhaps, that you seek to enforce your politically correct kafka?!

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