The Quebec Jackboot

Seven Christian students in Quebec have been handed suspensions in the last few days – and could face expulsions – for refusing to participate in a new mandatory Ethics and Religious Culture course that, according to a critic, is a “superficial mishmash of trendy theoretical platitudes” with the goal of convincing children that “all religions – including pagan animism and cults – are equally ‘true.'”Canada’s National Post has reported on the developing confrontation between educators who have ordered students to take the course and students and their parents who object to what they see as a virtual indoctrination into a social and moral relativism.

While seven students already have been targeted for punishment, hundreds more are demanding to be relieved of the obligation to attend the classes, and several parents have begun legal actions over the course.  (Source)


 MONTREAL A new religion course taught in schools across Québec was intended to improve inter-cultural understanding, but so far it is generating deep division as hundreds of parents pull their children out of class. A high school in Granby, QC, has in the past week handed one-day suspensions to seven students boycotting the Ethics and Religious Culture course on the grounds that it violates their freedom of conscience. In nearby Drummondville, a couple will be going to court next spring with a constitutional challenge to the mandatory course. The course “is forcing children to learn the content of other religions,” Jean Morse-Chevrier, president of the Québec Association of Catholic Parents, said yesterday. “Therefore it is the state deciding what religious content will be learned, at what age, and that is totally overriding the parents’ authority and role.” The new course is the final step in a secularization of Québec schooling that began with a 1997 constitutional amendment replacing the province’s denominational school boards with linguistic ones. A 2005 law changed Québec’s Education Act and its Charter of Rights to eliminate parents’ right to choose a course in Catholic, Protestant or moral instruction, and the changes came into effect last June. The curriculum, which is followed by children from Grades 1 through 11, gives greatest emphasis to what it terms Québec’s religious heritage [in a pure relativistic way] Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and traditional aboriginal spirituality. But it also covers the full spectrum of world religions and belief systems. Stéphanie Tremblay, a spokeswoman for Québec’s Education Department, said school boards across the province have received and rejected more than 1,400 requests from public-school parents seeking to have their children exempted from taking the course. The dissenters represent a small minority of the one million children [false : around 800,000 including pre-school whom is not concerned] enrolled in public schools. “The course was designed with an eye to respecting the freedom of conscience and religion of all students,” she said. “It is not a religious instruction course. It is religious culture. We introduce young people to religious culture like we introduce them to musical culture. The goal is to better know and understand others.”

Québec parents pull students out of new class

For Diane Gagné and her 16-year-old son Jonathan, evangelical Christians in Granby, the course teaches values that run counter to their religion. Jonathan has been sitting out the course this fall, which is taught for about two hours a week. Last Friday he was told by J-H-Leclerc secondary school that he had been suspended for the day. If he continues to skip the class, school rules could eventually lead to expulsion. Ms. Gagné said her son remains determined despite the suspension. “He told me, ‘Mom, I am still standing, and I’m going to keep standing and fight this to the end.’ We’re prepared to go right to expulsion.” Jean-Yves Côté is the lawyer representing the Gagné family as well as the Drummondville family that has launched a court challenge. He said the Granby school is the only one in the province that has taken such a hard line against students boycotting the course. “All the parents are doing is claiming a right that is recognized, the right to educate one’s child in conformity with one’s religious or philosophical convictions,” he said. The Drummondville case, scheduled to be heard in May before Superior Court, is expected to test whether the new course infringes constitutionally guaranteed rights. Mr. Côté said the issue could end up before the Supreme Court of Canada. The new course is also mandatory in private schools, and Montréal’s Loyola High School has initiated its own court challenge. Parents of more than 600 of the Jesuit school’s students asked to have their children exempted from the course, and all were refused by the province. Paul Donovan, the school’s principal, said much of the curriculum is already taught at Loyola, but not in the “relativistic” way favoured by the Education Department. He said the course does not ask children to distinguish between right and wrong. “What it essentially says is that religion is just, ‘You like tomato soup and I like pea soup, so don’t be all offended because someone likes tomato soup. It’s really just a matter of preference,'” he said. “Religion could be Wiccan or Raelian or any of the new movements or atheism or agnosticism.” So far Loyola has refused to teach the Ethics and Religious Culture class. “I can’t tell my teachers to teach that course in conscience. I can’t,” Mr. Donovan said. (Source)

Come and get it.  This should be interesting.  I think the Ministere du Propaganda is underestimating the resolve of parents. The socialists can push the liberal propaganda on the public in general, but when they start forcing parents to educate their children in a way that is in complete opposition to the core of their being?  There’ll be a fight.  And it’s about time too.  Where there is no resistance, there can be no change. 

One thought on “The Quebec Jackboot

    When the writers of the Humanist Manifesto took over our universities and law schools under the guise of separation of church and state. The church had nothing to do with the state, but the Western Civilization’s Worldview was based mainly on Christianity not Darwinism. Through the schools they forced their morality, creation story and worldview on all of society. After all we all go to school.
    The Humanist Manifesto was written in 1933. The father of Western education John Dewey was one of the first signatories. His book, A COMMON FAITH , 1934 Yale University Press was about spreading, The Religion of Darwinian Humanism throughout society. Here is how the book ended, ” Here are all the elements for a religious faith that shall not be confined to sect, class, or race. Such a faith has always been implicitly the common faith of mankind. It remains to make it explicit and militant.” The father of the sexual revolution Alfred Kinsey shocked the world with the publication of, SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN MALE, in 1948. Dr.Alfred Kinsey’s overall thesis titled “Outlet Sex” placed all sexual acts on the same moral, social, and biological level whether in or out of marriage, between people of the same or opposite sex,or when sex involved even children or amimals. By declaring that “Darwinian science” had found “no value” in traditional sexual morality, the Kinsey Reports, provided the so-called “Darwinian Scientific Foundation” for university sex education classes and the sexual revolution. The minds of our Darwinian humanist professors were already corrupt, and with their textbooks had already started socially engineering their students. They were not interested in separating the church from the state, because the church was already separated from the state. They started the process of separating Western Civilization from Christianity, and to institutionalized atheism through Darwinian Humanism. This process is now complete. The consequences of this on our justice system, education, entertainment, music, art, media and society are dire. We have become a pagan nation with all the power in the hands of the Darwinian Humanist Institutionalized Atheist Supreme Court. We have a few good Justices, but they are out-numbered by atheists. That is exactly what the authors of the Humanist Manifesto wanted, and now have it.
    This institutionalized atheism has most of our citizens in a drug induced type of mind-set where they live according to Darwin’s theory or any way they want. These Darwinian Humanist beliefs have permeated our culture, and they have a profound effect on the behavior of our citizens. Opening closed brainwashed minds is not easy , but it can be done. My friends asked me to research the consequences of the Humanist Manifesto on Western Society. I am glad they did. I don’t know how we can take back the schools from the Darwinian Humanists, but if we are to save our children and society form this “evil” social engineering we must. Getting involved in politics and electing good people to change bad laws and put in good ones is one answer.

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