The Pro-Abort Hysteria

My good friend, Suzanne Fortin, over at Big Blue Wave posted this cool looking pic depicting the current struggle against the Goliath that is the Abortion lobby. She also correctly noted the Left’s hysterical and paranoid fear that – gasp! – the abortion debate might be rekindled in this country. Check out these stories here and here.

When I first read these Canadian stories and other ones circulating around the internet, I thought to myself that this must be some cruel joke, but then when you look around the world today, the abortion fight is being had in earnest, and the pro-life side is not always on the losing end. Nicaragua comes to mind. The U.S., of course, is doing a good job in making abortion the litmus test for the Republican nominee for president. Even Great Britain is starting to get with “honest science” which clearly shows the humanity and viability of unborn children.

In fact, the Left’s declaration to itself that the abortion battle has long been won and there is no going back forever and ever Amen is reminiscent of that poor beleaguered hockey coach who gets the “vote of confidence” from his general manager. In the sports world, that is tantamount to receiving the kiss of death right before you get the boot. And that is what is happening to the Abortion Lobby. They know that Canada is going to turn on them eventually. They don’t know when, but they know it’s going to happen. So they go into this “you’re OK, we’re OK” hysterics, insisting that abortion is a human right and is right there in the Charter, with proper interpretation of course.

The indisputable fact is that we will win. The truth always wins in the end. Our job is simply to hasten that blessed day and make the Left jitter some more about their future. Here are two easy things you can do to help sink the Abortion Titanic.

The March for Life is happening this Thurs. May 10 on Parliament Hill.

1) E-mail the following media outlets and ask them to feature coverage of the March.

The Globe and Mail
The Toronto Star

Canadian Press

The National Post

(Hat Tip Suzanne Fortin for suggesting this)

Remind the main stream media that they will show themselves increasingly irrelevant to the Canadian public if they refuse to cover one of the most pressing and growing civil rights movements in Canadian history. If they continue to ignore us, as they have in the past, their organizations will simply be considered irrelevant and will be replaced with other news organs which actually report the news instead of trying to manipulate it.

Do it now. Not tomorrow. Not later. Not in a few minutes. Right now. At this moment.

2) Bring your video cameras and video everything and anything about the March. Record the speakers. Record the crowd. Climb a flag pole or telephone pole and get a good shot of the crowd. Interview the marchers. Have some questions prepared. Interview the media people there. Swarm the reporters and ask them why they refuse to cover abortion in Canada. Make them look like the cowards and pro-choice hucksters that they really are.


If the media won’t cover the March for Life, then we need to flood the internet with hundreds of video clippings. We have the technology. We only need the will. If you don’t have a camera, borrow one. There is no time to waste. The abortion titanic is about to sink. Let’s bounce up and down and make it happen sooner rather than later.

One thought on “The Pro-Abort Hysteria

  1. Great idea, John. I already bought a camera and plan to film. I will be pushing my youngest daughter in a stroller. Hopefully someone will volunteer to push while I film. 😀

    If anyone has any trouble with YouTube, email me and I will try to help out. I haven’t figured out how to edit my videos from my MiniDVD camera yet, but even if there’s no editing, who cares? It’s still footage. Don’t get too hung up about making it pretty, just get an account and upload it. And just a tip: sometimes I find the processing goes faster if you upload it twice. The second video will be rejected for being a duplicate, but it makes processing the first faster. That’s what I’ve found, anyway.

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