The Pro-Abort Hierarchy Is Very Worried

Check this out. They don’t know what to do. The smarter ones like Frances, here, can read the writing on the wall, but she can’t convince her feminist comrades.

Sure sucks to be a pro-aborter these days with all of this confusion.

One thought on “The Pro-Abort Hierarchy Is Very Worried

  1. Frances is surprisingly “moderate”. But even her proposed reforms to the pro-choice strategies contain the seeds of their own destruction a few years down the road. She wants late-term abortion to be rejected except in “extreme circumstances”, which she defines as follows:

    “Exceptions include when the woman’s life is at immediate risk; when the fetus suffers from conditions that are incompatible with a good quality of life; or when the woman’s health is seriously threatened by a medical or psychological condition that continued pregnancy will exacerbate.”

    Those exceptions, especially the “psychological condition”, are so broad you could ram a truck through them. It effectively means abortion on demand. More fundamentally, they don’t address the concern that she expresses throughout her article, namely that a post-viable fetus has some value and shouldn’t be discarded frivolously. She harps at length about this concern, but in the end her recommendations don’t really reflect such a concern. It’s just more moral and linguistic contortionism.

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