“The Potential for Complaint”

In this clip, Dean Steacy is explaining why he first registered on Free Dominion. The allegation was made that the CHRC was spying on discussion boards before a registered complaint had been filed. Steacy had stated some time before that investigations would only start after complaints were received. They were, in his words, “complaint-driven”. Later Steacy would clarify that CHRC investigations could begin even before a formal complaint was filed on paper. In other words, somebody phoning the Commission could initiate the Commission spying activity even though a complaint had not yet been formally accepted i.e. through a written formal complaint.

In this clip, you will hear Dean Steacy confess to registering on Free Dominion because there was a “potential for complaint” (you will hear me give a surprise “ooo” to that one :)) just after that confession. 

You will also hear Barbara Kulaszek, Lemire’s lawyer, asks Steacy to identify the people who were initiating these “pre-complaints” against FD.

At the 1:51 mark, Steacy shocks the audience by responding: “I REFUSE TO ANSWER“.

After we all picked our jaws up from the floor, including a surprised chairperson who had to repeat Steacy’s answer so that he could believe his own ears, the fallout ensues.


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