The Pope’s Comments on Homosexuality

The mainstream media is all abuzz about some comments made by Pope Francis on the flight back from World Youth Day. Based on their accounts, you’d think the Pope was so pro-gay that he was planning on attending a Pride Parade.

As usual, you canĀ never trust the mainstream media when it comes to news about the Catholic Church. Jimmy Akin from the National Catholic Register provides a more accurate report here. Bottom line: the Holy Father’s words were reflective of a caring man whose heart isĀ consistent with Church teaching.

6 thoughts on “The Pope’s Comments on Homosexuality

  1. Tolerance for and ignorance of, the practices and social behaviour of homosexuals has wreaked havoc in our Church and caused the needless loss of countless souls. The Pope’s comments are of great concern and appear to, but hopefully do not, reflect a poorly formed appreciation of the nature of this proclivity.

  2. Good response Squeaker… This is our problem. Too many “true” Catholics don’t believe in Love Thy Neighbour…the Pope’s comments are totally in line with Catholic doctrine. But there have been many comments on this site, including Paycheck, who uses terms like “Sodomites” which indermine that position. I am personally happy with the Pope’s comments, because it clearly differentiates between the person and the act.

    • Thanks John W.

      I don’t think the term Sodomites is entirely incompatible with Pope Francis’ approach. Notice how he also distinguished between those who act in good faith and remain celibate, versus those who “act as a lobby”, i.e. who push to have homosexuality normalized.

      Although +++Francis doesn’t seem like a guy who would use the term Sodomite, his reference to ill-willed persons as a “lobby” is also quite strong and provocative, and certainly has a pejorative connotation.

      In that sense, he’s being quite clear that there’s a line in the sand that, if deliberately crossed, earns you a different tone than if you’re doing your best in good faith (which always earns you compassion and mercy). Jesus gave example of this dual treatment as well.

      That being said, your comment and those of the Pope serve as a reminder to all of us on being careful about our tone and making sure to always distinguish between the sinner and the sin. The latter distinction is a given on Socon or Bust and is always implied.

      Take care.

  3. What is your problem with the term sodomite? I would think it is a good term for the purpose, emphasizing the Biblical reasons for opposing such activities and, most importantly noting the crucial distinction between those who engage in particular acts and those who merely have an “orientation”. If it is taken as offensive well the young people have taken to using “gay” as a synonym for bad, certain things tend to give negative connotations to words associated with them.

  4. Pope Francis differentiates between homosexuals who love Jesus and do not “lobby” and those that do “lobby”. Fact is, “birds of a feather flock together” and homosexuals are one of if not the most cohesive and determined groups in society. To hope that homosexuals will not organize and “lobby” in support of their life style is naive and dangerous. Homosexuality is also a grave danger to society through the promotion of the destruction of the traditional family. You can love all you want and I am in favour of that but spare me the holier than thou attitude.

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