The Politics of Nowhere

Yesterday’s vote on the marriage motion put forward by the Conservative Party should cause the social conservative movement to examine why we are in the state we are in today. We’re like some wounded animal that keeps hobbling along from generation to generation. We’re too guilty to die and we’re too afraid to get ourselves fixed up. We just keep dragging our collective heels year after year, trying the same old things and getting no where fast.

We need a cultural tsunami. And we need it right now.

Politicians are servants of the times they live in. There’s no point in blaming Harper or the CPC. They are basically lap dogs of the interests that keep them in power. They’ll throw us a bone here and there, but we cannot reasonably expect things to change in any significant or even modest way.

Politicians do not drive change. They react to it.

Social conservatism in Canada has largely played on what I call the politics of nowhere – as in, we’re involved in politics and we are going no where. We are the useful idiots for the powers and principalities of the political elite who treat us with the contempt and derision that we so richly deserve.

Yes, that’s right. We deserve it.

And why do we deserve it? And why are we not successful? For one simple reason: we are not prepared to sacrifice our money, our power, or our reputation to effect change. That’s what it comes down to. That is the bottom line.

Cultural change – and that is really the change that we are after – does not come without a deep personal sacrifice. If you think that rearranging the couches in the living room or simply slapping on a new coat of paint (from red to blue, for instance) is going to make any substantial difference in the issues that matter most to us, you are, quite definitely, an honest to goodness idiot.

So for the so-called pro-life politicians who represent us on Parliament Hill, are you prepared to sacrifice that cushy pension or ministerial post and risk it all for the cause of life and liberty? If not, then you are not part of the solution but you are, most assuredly, part of the establishment.
And the establishment is rotten.

We don’t need more members of the “go along gang”. We need more mavericks for the gospel like this gentleman. Mavericks shake things up and get things moving. “Go-alongs” are merely along for the ride.

And, you, Mr. Socon, are you prepared to risk it all for the just cause of the unborn, for marriage, and for your faith?

The bigger the hole Canada digs itself into, the greater the collective sacrifice is going to be required to dig us out. It’s not rocket science, folks. That’s how it works.

And that will mean, of course, a select few individuals who will be prepared to lay in the line to get the ball rolling.

But I can tell you this, if that sacrifice does not manifest itself in large quantity soon, we’re going to have pay a very heavy price which is not of our own choosing. Pay now or pay later, but one thing is for certain, you, your children, or your grandchildren are gonna pay.

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