The Political Correctors of the AHRC

This is perhaps the best “money quote” anyone has yet offered on the whole HRC fiasco with Ezra Levant.

 “This censor approved what I wrote,” he said. “His decision is not that I have freedom of speech. His decision is that I have his approval. I’m not interested in his approval. The only test of free speech is if I can write what he disapproves of with impunity. That’s what freedom of speech is, to piss off some second-rate bureaucrat like Pardeep Gundara and know that you have the right to do so, because you’re in Canada, not Saudi Arabia.” (Source)

The more one thinks about this outrageous presumption of these HRC lackeys, the more infuriated we should all be. 

Imagine some star chamber censor sitting behind his desk and putting your thoughts and words through his arbitrary and subjective litmus test to determine if the speech terrorism against you has merit to “convict” and fine you into the politically correct gulag.

It’s obscene. It really is.

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