The Plot to Change Catholicism

When the NY Times gets it right, we’re so screwed.

The great irony in all of this is that if Pope Francis really DID go with the Synod structure, all we would get is….nothing…inertia.  In the current Synod, the votes are with the Catholic camp and not with the crazy heretics.

Let’s not confuse things.  A synodal structure is not the end of the world.

What IS the end of the world is the national church model that Pope Francis is proposing…which is different from what we are seeing now.

If that gets pushed through, that’s the day I start praying every day for the next Pontiff and the hell of the mess that he will have to clean up.

Can you imagine what the German bishops will start pushing through?  Protect your goats and horses, everyone!

As for the Canadian bishops….get ready for Deaconess Nancy, Svend and his partner who are all coming to a parish near you.  The Church of the Winnipeg Statement will not pass up the opportunity.

I simply will not accept this pollution. I will not. I’ll simply ask for God’s forgiveness and bolt into the wilderness, somewhere.  I will not have any part of this.  Does anyone in authority anywhere even care?  Probably not.  Apparently, faithful Catholic families don’t matter. Just the perverts and the unrepentant adulterers.

We Pharisees and our families will just have to find another home.

One thought on “The Plot to Change Catholicism

  1. After listening to some of the heretical remarks Borgolio made during the first year of his pontificate I started to read more on the Catholic faith and investicate VII concil. It didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that Borgolio wants to destroy the Catholic Church as we know it. I call him Borgogliom because he really doesn want to be Pope Francis unless it’s convenient for him to use that authority and proclaim some of his heresy. He wants to do away with the papacy and reduce the Catholic Church to just one of many churches, the Catholic Church being no more infallible than any other church. All these gestures of not living in the papal apartments, not wearing the red shoes, wanting to be referred to as Bishop of Rome are all signs of his personal contempt for the papacy. His intention of devolving powers to the council of bishops is the nail in the coffin of the Vatican II church. He wants a one world church. I was devistated at first especially when I learned Vatican II gutted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to one that is just a memorial supper. Learning this made me realize why over the years when I went to Mqss I felt I was going to a protestant service. I no longer go to the Novus Ordo service and go the the SSPX whenever they are in town because aI believe that is where the one true Catholic Church is going to be in the future.

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