The Pill Shrinks Ovaries

The birth control pill significantly affects ovarian reserve— or the number of immature eggs in a woman’s ovaries— which can be a predictor of future fertility. This is according to a team in Denmark, who reported to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual meeting last month that two markers for the ovarian reserve are markedly suppressed after prolonged birth control pill use: the levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) in the blood, and the number of early (antral) follicles (AFC) in the ovary.  Ovaries are also markedly shrunken after prolonged pill use…(Source)

In every age, the Devil pluck a juicy fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and shares it with humanity.  This particular fruit of contraception (and the Pill specifically) is approaching its “sell by” date.  It was always rotten, but Society did not listen to the old man in white from Rome.  Too patriarchal, you see.  The scientific community and us moderns knew better.

One thought on “The Pill Shrinks Ovaries

  1. Jesus Christ is the force that gives everything meaning. Without Him and His values,all things become corrupt. Love-Storge-Philia-Eros-Agape,become redefined along with the meaning of gay in a Secular Pagan society. In Former Christian democracies the consequences for choosing so-called neutral Secular Paganism as the Official State Worldview Religion,over Christianity in 1962 onward,ought to be crystal clear. Answering the big questions were much easier in The Christian West from 307 when The Emperor Of Rome converted to Christianity from Multicultural Paganism,to 1962. The Christian West was not perfect,but it was getting better as the benevolence of Real Christianity was being realized as time moved forward. Secular Pagan Democracies have devolved instead of evolved in choosing Barabbas over Christ.

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