The Pill Makes You Hate Sex and Want to Leave Your Milquetoast Man.

From the “Contraception really screws things up” files…

New research by the Royal Society says that women taking oral contraceptives, “scored lower on measures of sexual satisfaction and partner attraction, experienced increasing sexual dissatisfaction during the relationship, and were more likely to be the one to initiate an eventual separation if it occurred.”

The study did also suggest that the same contracepting women were more likely to be satisfied with the non-sexual aspects of their relationships, but the researchers note that this is because the pill causes women to be attracted to lower testosterone men who lack passion and drive leading to a lower potential for conflict…(Source)

When will the gals learn?  Contraception is a lie.  Wake up!

One thought on “The Pill Makes You Hate Sex and Want to Leave Your Milquetoast Man.

  1. Years ago before I came back to my faith and was using an I.U.D this was never the case with me. The men who were attracted to my were very normal when it came to sexual attraction and testosterone and desire for sexual intimacy, but the reason I was not, was not because of my contraception but because of my early Catholic upbringing. Some part of me felt wrong indulging in sexual intimacy before marriage. Also what should be considered is if one of the other in the marital relationship has encountered sexual abuse in their past this may lead them to not be as healthy obviously in the sexual area of their marriage. Nowhere does it mean they do not desire true intimacy. They must recognize this with gentleness and patience and know God wants to heal every part of their sexuality. It may in that case have nothing whatsoever to do with contraception.
    It is wrong to generalize say a couple who put value on other aspects of their relationship is more likely because of this.
    There can be many factors that are the reason for this including miscarriage or illness or other factors. To cheapen marriage and love between two people that may have had every intention to hopefully bring forth new life this way is
    not right. I have spoken with Priests about this, because far too many people who have no idea why this may happen between two people , generalize in a way that is not how God sees it and is full of their own pride, instead of humility, and admission that they do not know this to always be true.
    Some couples, as Deacon Bob Macdonald says in this excellent 2 part volume on The Catholic family, decide to live lives where for reasons unknown to other people offer up their sexuality to God, and still have deep intimacy and love for one another and desire to live out God’s’ Will for them in their marriage, and also still love one another deeply and God honours it, as they consecrate themselves to Him and Our Blessed Mother Mary daily God knows why and that is all that matters. He also knows that marriage between a man and a woman consists also to ensure that each spouse knows their main purpose after childbearing if they are able to do this, is to make sure that they help get their spouse to Heaven, and to love each other as Jesus does and to die to self daily for the other.

    Lord have Mercy and
    give us your eyes to see as You do
    ears to hear Your voice and
    Your heart that is full of love and compassion
    to replace ours that are broken and not.

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