The Philippines & Canada: A Divine Intervention

As Socon or Bust readers may know, Steve and I were involved in organizing a conference on Humanae Vitae back in 2006. The conference’s purpose was to celebrate perhaps the most important Church document in centuries, as well as expose the harmful effects of contraception. It was a pretty impressive affair, if I do say so myself. We even had it at Lansdowne Park which has a capacity to hold 1800 people. About 300 showed up – not a bad number for this kind of conference, but it could and would have been much greater if not for the treachery on the part of certain “Professional Catholics”. That’s a whole other story for another time.

Anyone interested in purchasing any of the wonderful talks can do so here: Humanae Vitae Conference 2006: A New Beginning.

The purpose of The Rosarium is to spread the word about the destructive nature of contraception, and to serve as a sign to the bishops of Canada that the Winnipeg Statement – the Canadian bishops’ pastoral statement which dissented from Humanae Vitae – has never been retracted. Despite repeated pleas on the part of faithful Canadian Catholics, the bishops of Canada refuse to repent of it contents or acknowledge the incredible destruction it has caused to Canadian society. In our petition to the bishops to retract the Winnipeg Statement, we cite the Filipino bishops who repented of their own previous dissent on the subject of contraception. In 1990, the bishops of the Philippines issued a pastoral letter in which they apologized for their failure to promote the Church’s teaching on contraception. They said: “We abandoned you to your confused and lonely consciences with a lame excuse: ‘follow what your conscience tells you’. How little did we realize that it was our consciences that needed to be formed first.”

Now many of you might have been following LifeSite News’ coverage of what is happening over in the Philippines right now. (Steve has been following it too. Here is his latest blog post on the subject.) In a nutshell, the politicians, their sex pimps, and the population controllers are pulling out all of the stops to push so-called “reproductive rights” on the Filipino people, but the Catholic bishops of the Philippines – unlike what happened in Canada 40 years ago – are not rolling over. They are using tough language to oppose real and ominous threats that their society is facing. Here is what they said:

We bishops, are willing to be imprisoned, together with our priests, and protest the immoral things there (RH bill). To be firm with our teachings, let them imprison us!” Bishop Arturo Bastes of Sorsogon told Radyo Veritas, according to the bishops’ CBCPNews. “We will have a civil disobedience! Those laws that are immoral, we will tell the people not to obey.” “We are just saying what is right! We are going to proclaim whatever it is,” said Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa.

Now, can anyone in their wildest imagination believe that any Canadian bishop would utter such courageous words? What would become of their champagne circuit? We’d have to knock our heads against a brick wall several times before we would believe they would stand so tall. Sometimes, we Catholics think we live in the twilight zone at the extent of the betrayal of the Canadian hieararchy during the past 40 years.

And yet, heaven still speaks to remind us to hold fast to the Faith. And finally, AT LONG LAST, we have heard from true Shepherds. Bishops who are true fathers and true men after our own hearts, saying what needs to be said, and leading us where the Church needs to be led. To the Passion. To the Cross. Let us not forget the role the Canadian bishops played in funding the very groups which have sought to overturn pro-life laws in the Philippines. Check out exhibits A, B, & C. Socon or Bust readers did their part to alert the Church in the Philippines of the corruption of Development & Peace, the Canadian church’s official development and aid agency.  What gross negligence of the bishops for letting this go on, year after year, decade after decade, to their utter shame and disgrace.  And now, the Philippines – aided by the Church’s enemy, funded with Canadian Catholic money, with the approval of delinquent Canadian bishops – stands on the precipice.

My colleague at The Rosarium, Tony Liuzzo, has made several trips to the Philippines to pray and intercede for the Church in Canada and the Philippines on the issue of contraception. You can read about what happened during his latest trip at the end of this blog post.

And so now we need to ask our bishops: Where is your courage? Where is your resolve for the Gospel? Look at the example of your brother bishops in the Philippines on the issue of contraception which you long ago abandoned, to the point that you now even permit sodomy to be endorsed and promoted among our children under a system that you have responsibilty for. You helped put your brother bishops on the Rack, and it’s very doubtful that you’ll ever clue into this fact.  Have you no fear of the Judgement? No shame? A limp-wristed letter and a lame press conference (if we’re lucky) is the extent of your resistance. But this is not the resistance worthy of a Successor of the Apostles. If you would just turn, and act with courage like true Shepherds of Christ in spirit and truth, we would follow you.  

Seek not praise and do not fear anyone, Canadian Bishop!  


 Additional Signatures Collected On Paper): 960

Before we left on our trip to the Philippines, I had a feeling that I would be discussing this RHP bill with one of the bishops. A couple of days before our departure, Emma asked all of us to pray two novenas, one to the Holy Spirit and the other to the Immaculate Conception. We continued to pray them while we were there. On December 7th we gathered on the Mountain of Salvation for the feast of the Immaculate Conception vigil that evening. As customary, mass is celebrated at 10:00PM. Prior to that we pray the rosary, chaplet, watch inspirational videos and sing many hymns. After this we had a guest speaker, Edmund Reyes who is a three term Filipino congressman. Because of term limits, his service came to an end. However, while in office he had started work in opposing the RHP bill and was now continuing this effort. Although he had intended displaying a power-point presentation, it had crashed at noon and apologized for speaking from memory. He not only skewered the bill, he made at least three references to Canada’s experiences. I sat bolt upright when I heard this. It was obvious that he had done his homework and was right-on. After he finished, I felt a strong compulsion to go and congratulate him on his excellent talk. He remained on the altar and I struggled to his position as there were hundreds of people around. Under cover of the choir, we sat and talked for about forty-five minutes. I gave him a history of Diane and my experiences there at the Mountain and also discussed the Humanae Vitaeconference you and I had held in 2006. He was very moved. He is no stranger to Ottawa. In 2002, he accompanied then president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on an official state visit in February. Jean Chretien was prime minister then. By and by, I mentioned the World Bank’s demographic study a few years ago when it was concluded that the total world population would fit into the state of Texas. At that point, he admitted that he forgot to give that part of his talk. Then the stunner- he asked me if I would like to speak not only to finish his talk but also elaborate on the Canadian experience. I said that I would be happy to do so. Just then from behind us, I heard a familiar voice call out my name. Lo and behold, it was Father Fernando! He was to be the main celebrant at the mass. When Father asked me if I would discuss our itinerary with him, Edmund piped up, “No, he is going to be speaking now.” After introducing myself , I proceeded to explain Emma’s request for the novenas to combat the RHP bill and that Edmund spoke the truth. Emma stood immediately and confirmed what I had just said. I led the audience through the Canadian bishops’ rejection of Humanae Vitae and the resulting devastation to our country through contraception, abortion, divorce and euthanasia and just as in scripture, we continue dancing and singing but don’t realize what grave danger we are in. I begged them not to allow this bill to be passed and also implored them to tell “your family, your friends and anyone else who will listen.” “All we have to do is live our faith.” And most of all,”Don’t give up!” Through no merit of mine, those present expressed their gratitude for the talk especially the priests who were on the altar. Later at an appropriate time during the mass, Father Fernando said that the Canadian bishops issued the Winnipeg Statement and they have regretted it every day since. The evening then progressed into the apparition of Our Blessed Mother indeed a very holy time. Again as is customary, after she comes out of ecstasy, Emma gave a short statement on the message of Our Blessed Lady. “The two speakers here tonight spoke the truth. Don’t give up!” Amen!

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