The People vs. the CHRC

Keith Martin has reintroduced a private motion’s bill to repeal S. 13(1) of the CHRA and has further called for a full scale investigation by the Justice Committee into the CHRC’s activities.

I think we should consider asking an MP – and Keith Martin looks like the go-to guy right now – to consider being our Parliamentary representative who is responsible for collecting all of the evidence against the CHRC’s illegal, fraudulent, unethical, and immoral practices.

So, in other words, if you have been persecuted or prosecuted by the CHRC and found their techniques to be objectionable and even illegal and you have documented proof of that OR if you, like me, have found some serious fraud and unethical behaviour by CHRC operatives and their satellites in your research and investigation, then it might be a good time to organize it in a logical and coherent manner and submit it to Parliament.

That way, when the Justice Committee is convened, our Parliamentarians have all or most of the evidence before them and can start calling on interested parties to testify.

I think this is a good way to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling right over the CHRC, and it helps focus the Committee’s attention on the meat of the allegations against the CHRC.

I’m sure there will be volumes of evidence submitted so it’s important to get going on this now. 

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