The Overthrow and Its Nutters

No longer, Reese writes in the issue of the journal released Nov. 25, should those in the leadership roles be bishops and cardinals.

“Not making curial officials bishops or cardinals would provide a severe blow to careerism in the Vatican,” Reese states. “Priests could no longer look at working in the Vatican as a way of moving up the ecclesiastical ladder. If they want to be a bishop or cardinal, they would have to leave the curia.” (source)

So what Fr. Reese is basically saying is that if a priest or layperson is head of one of the Congregations, and issues a decree of some kind, the bishops and cardinals have to obey.

Talk about gutting the very nature of the Catholic Church.

But, thankfully, that’s all it will be….just talk, talk, talk. What man proposes, God disposes.

Then again, if I’m elected as the head of the Congregation for Bishops, first order of business will be disbanding all the Episcopal Conferences.  Not the worst outcomes, these new proposals, eh?

2 thoughts on “The Overthrow and Its Nutters

  1. I agree.

    But maybe his proposal could make sense if lay people (including solid theologians) played the role of “public servants” within the curia and nunciatures across the world, leaving the leadership and decision-making roles with bishops and cardinals. That would reduce the number of clergy in the Vatican and attenuate careerism, while leaving more clergy in the parishes where they’re indispensable. For example, is there a reason why the spokesman for the Vatican before the press should be a priest?

    Some incredibly gifted priests are taken out of parishes to work a desk in a nunciature or the Vatican. I question the wisdom of those moves.

    • Yes, but that’s not Fr. Reese’s game. He wants a complete overthrow. Power to the people. This is all going the wrong way.

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