The OCSB Smoking Gun

From a reader…

“great for politics and ensuring the FMLN get elected next month!”

Just like the planned Obama trip last yr.. now we know that they are fundraising and going on trips to ElSal to support the FMLN party!!
Salvaide/Compadres/CISPES/FMLN are all one happy leftist party…
the OCSB is engaging in party politics!!
Shame on the OCSB and Sister Shelley!!
Please note that there is a federal election in Feb2014
SalvAide would also like to recognize the tireless commitment of Sister Shelley Lawrence, the St. Francis Xavier – Cinquera program founder, who retires in 2013 as St. Francis Xavier’s Chaplain. We sincerely thank Sister Shelley for her solidarity and wish her nothing but the best in her much deserved retirement!

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