The Oasis of Humanae Vitae

Tomorrow (July 25) will be the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, perhaps the most important Papal Encyclical ever written.

In addition to abortion and marriage, I have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on the issue of contraception over the years.  I’ve given interviews about it. I’ve written articles on it.  I’ve launched ministries around it.  I’ve organized conferences concerning it. I’ve started petitions relating to it. And I’ve blogged against it.

I’ve done this because I believe Humanae Vitae has touched on the singularly most important social problem of our time.  Contraception is the mother of all the social evils that we are currently experiencing.  Abortion and homosexual “marriage” are the obvious fruits, of course. But it is also distantly related to every other social disorder, not the least of which is family breakdown.  

Although still maligned and rejected by most of the modern world, it has proven to be prophetic in its predictions about the moral breakdown of society and the objectivization of women.  The tragedy of Humanae Vitae, however, is not so much how society as a whole has responded, but how the Catholic Church itself has responded to this Encyclical.  With few exceptions, the wider Church has not accepted Humanae Vitae.  And much of that scandal lies with the Bishops of the Church, and in particular, the Canadian Bishops who continue their ecclesiastical contraception by refusing to retract the Winnipeg Statement

The problem is not going away until the Bishops, as our Fathers, repent.  No family can find true peace unless the Fathers lead. Ignoring their monstrous act of betrayal will only keep contraception hidden and secret as it has been these past 40 years. You can’t expose something and denounce it when everyone is pointing to the elephant in the room and whispering, “take the plank out of your own eyes, your Graces, before you seek to take the specks out of ours.”

It is a Christian duty to be hopeful, even in a time where abortion – nevermind contraception – is still being clamored for and is, for all intents and purposes, the State Sanctioned Sacrament of the Secular Religion.   We have recently even bestowed our High Priest of Abortion with the Order of Canada.  This has been the crowning achievement of the Culture of Death.

Still, the fight goes on.  We’ll continue to witness to the beautiful truth of Humanae Vitae.  We’ll continue to point out the social devastation that its rejection has caused.  We’ll wait patiently as our society keeps plunging into ruin, while our spiritual leaders give us platitudes and empty rhetoric without repentance.

It was 40 years before the Jews saw the promised land. 

It’s been 40 years for us in this abortion wasteland, but unlike the Jews, there’ll be no promised land for us without repentance. 

Just more desert.

2 thoughts on “The Oasis of Humanae Vitae

  1. I could not agree more. Not only does the issue go to the very heart of both sexual purity and sanctity of life issues but it led to a problem with trusting God and His Church. Once you choose to deliberately disobey God on one issue you have left yourself hopelessly contradicted. You lose the ability to use reason in matters of faith because you cannot rationally defend you choice to contracept. You end up avoiding discussions about faith. You now distrust everything the church says.

    It came down to a choice between the sexual revolution and the Catholic faith. The vast majority of North America and Europe chose the former. Only now are we beginning to see a generation ready to embrace the faith again.

  2. Sexual immorality is an insult to the image of God.Genesis1:27. Sexual immorality also defaces that image and generates murder through the epidemic of abortion.

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