‘The Notebook’ director says if we back gay marriage, why not incest?

So, basically, I’m working really hard, paying my bills, keeping my head down and just moving on.

We like to think that there will be some miraculous reversal if we just work hard enough at convincing people. Well, that ain’t gonna happen, folks.  We need to be realistic.

And what exactly are we fighting for?  The Culture of Death?

And really, whose fault was it that we have got to this point?  If the Church’s hierarchy does not confess its sin, then nothing will ever change.

It did not defend marriage because its bishops and priests did not defend Humanae Vitae.  Period.

And even now, there is a reluctance – almost a defiance – to admit was is plainly evident to everyone.

But time cleans up all the mess…one way or another.  The biological solution is God’s mercy to future generations.

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