The New Social Justice: Get Your Own Puck

Many years ago, I saw a video conversation between Wayne Gretzky and his teammate at the time, Mark Messier.  At one point in their conversation, Messier was talking about how he loved the competitive nature of hockey and how possession of the puck often determined how the game would go.  Gretzky then made what appeared to me a most bizarre response, considering his stature in the game.  He said that competition was secondary.  What was important was his ownership of the puck.  It wasn’t that he wanted necessarily to take the puck away from his opponents as much as he didn’t want to give it up.  And then he made this memorable comment: “this is my puck, if you guys want to play go get your own puck“.  At the time, I thought that this comment was very strange, but it’s something that has always stuck with me.  Not sure why.  I guess it’s one of those silly remarks that just get implanted for future reference.

Well, I think my memory banks have summoned this line because of its relevance with the Development & Peace abortion scandal.  From here on in, it is very doubtful that any real and substantial reforms are going to be made to Development & Peace by the bishops of this country.  We’ve thrown volumes and mountains of evidence and their final response can only be described as frustrating and disappointing to pro-life Catholics.

So, if that’s the way it’s going to be, we have to cut bait and venture out on our own. It’s not enough to simply criticize and tear down.  We have to move on and start to build up, too.  As Catholics we have to start to redefine “social justice” from its current secular and anti-life foundations and shift it back to what the Catholic Church teaches – not what the Socialists teach – about the dignity of ALL life.  It has been my experience that the pro-life community has been exceptionally generous with our brothers and sisters who suffer in poverty.  All degradation of human life from conception to natural death and every point in between needs to be fought, tooth and nail.

That’s why Socon or Bust is getting involved with a tiny Ottawa-based charity which really does do social justice. Real social justice…as in alleviating poverty and caring for the sick.  Remember those things?  That’s where Catholic money used to go.

If you’re looking for a small charity with no administration costs (at the current time) and a direct purpose, please consider supporting the Children of Paraguay which is fully endorsed by Socon or Bust.  Today’s “charity industry” is filled with potential pitfalls for faithful Catholics, so it’s important to have the endorsement of people whom you trust and know what’s going on.

Next Saturday November 5, Children of Paraguay is having  a little fundraiser here in Ottawa.  Check out the details below.  We hope you can make it out to this wonderfully entertaining event.

And remember, if our opponents won’t give up the puck, it’s time for us to get our own.  There’s plenty of misery to alleviate in the world. The website is It’s currently under construction but should be ready by this week some time.


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