2 thoughts on “The new regime in the Church

  1. Pope Francis has certainly caused me to question as to where he is leading the Catholic Church. I grew up with the Latin Mass.The new mass always felt foreign to me even though I reluctantly accepted it.But since I’m pretty sure Fransis is going to undermine the Catholic doctrine on Marriage and divorce and homosexuality I’ve been researching Vatican II to find out what’s happening to our Catholic faith over the past fifty years. I discovered that they gutted the Latin Mass, took out any words that referenced the ” sacrifice of the Mass”,all that was offensive to the protestants to pretend that transubstanciation wasn’t really taking place, all for the sake of ecumenism. I always felt like I was attending a protestant service and now I know why. The tabernacle was always the central focus in a Catholic church and everyone including protestant knew it because we always genuflected before we entered the pews….we couldn’t help it, the tabernacle was right in front of us. Now it’s either relegated to the side or not there at all. These changes were brought about by Pope Paul VI because ecumenism was the driving force behind VaticanII and nothing was going to get in their way not even the real presence in the Eucharist.

  2. In my opinion Pope Benedict XVI was a wise man. He got rid of the most dead weight priests of any Pope before Him. The Spirit had different work for him so he resigned to prayer. Remember the ones who crucified our Lord were the High Priests ,and their followers.

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