The New Islamic/Gay Reality of the West

Two sections from the guide to applying for UK citizenship


Enter your other names as you want them to appear on your certificate. For example if your name is Taher Mohamed Hashim Al Hassan, and you are known as Mr Al Hassan then put Al Hassan in section 1.5 and Taher Mohamed Hashim in section 1.6.

Your name at birth must be given on the application form, for identity purposes, but may be omitted from your certificate of British citizenship if you have a special reason for requesting this – for example because you were adopted or are no longer living in the gender you were considered to have at the time of your birth.

Once us Christians are neatly put away, the rest of society can grab a bag o’ popcorn, put its feet up, and watch how this whole thing is going to unfold between the secularist/gay/atheist crew vs. the Islamicists.

Remember those George Bush billboards which appeared in some U.S. cities, once everyone understood what Obama was really about?

It will be the same message for the airheads that are destroying western civilization by persecuting Christians.

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