New Evangelization

We are excited to tell you about the launch of the New Evangelization Summit (NES). It is a conference of great magnitude to gather the most world renowned speakers on the new evangelization to inspire, form, and connect Catholics across Canada and the USA.

The NES has been designed to inspire thousands of Catholics to live out their personal call to evangelize.  It’s right here in Ottawa on April 24/25 2015 and will be webcasted to parishes and dioceses across Canada and the USA.

The conference was developed by Michael Dopp and will feature 7 world-class Catholic speakers on the New Evangelization – people like Scott Hahn, Fr. Michael Gaitley, Ralph Martin, Patrick Coffin and JoEllen Gregus, to name a few. ​You can take a look at the NES lineup at

Our goal is to inspire and form Catholics and provide new ideas, programs, and ways of looking at evangelization within the context of their everyday lives.  It’s also an opportunity for Catholics to connect and support each other as they strive to live out their Catholic faith in today’s world.  We have the added blessing of the full and enthusiastic support from
Archbishop Prendergast. If you would like to be involved or attend the conference please check out their website or contact at them at:



One thought on “New Evangelization

  1. If Christ’s persecuted people finally convinced Roman Emperor Constantine to convert to Christianity from Paganism about the year 307,than real Catholics might convince so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular Pagans to chose Christ over the worldview of Barabbas today?Before Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity,Christians were murdered and persecuted for sport by Government Decree.Today the so-called neutral variety of Secular Democratic Paganism is politically indoctrinating schoolchildren starting with Kindergarteners into the tenets of Secular Paganism using adult secular schoolteachers,homosexual etc.,activists and Secular Catholic and Secular Protestant Bishops and Ministers.In a Democracy the laws reflect the values of the majority,thus the popular phrase used by Secular Governments,Courts,Educators and Media moguls etc., ,”What is legal is moral.” So-called “neutral” Secular Democratic Paganism is not neutral,but imposes it’s morality after legalizing evil.

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