The New Atheists Get A Smackdown

~ OVER AND OVER WE HEAR from the militant ‘Brights’/ atheist community how bad religion– especially Christianity– really is. Intellectually repressive, narrow-minded, dogmatic & judgmental, irrational and intolerant of other views and then there was the whole Crusade-thing and the Inquisition, plus the witch-burnings, where hundreds of millions probably perished or something.

Witness Pat Condell, getting unfriendly-fire from his own alleged co-nonreligionists, because of recent comments. What-now?

The more I see the atheist political tendency (and look back on it in the 18th & 19th & 20th century), the more I see an anti-Christian materialist religion of alleged reason. Strangely enough, like the accusations they fling against faith, the more vocal these reasonists get, the nastier and more arbitrarily irrational they seem– inquisitional, hide-bound, judgmental, intellectually repressive, intolerant of other views.

The Ties That Bind

After all, the original Latin ‘religio’ does not automatically mean something ‘spiritual’, but ‘the things you are bound to’. Athiests– being imperfect humans– will not tend to perfection, but repetition of human tendencies and mistakes and uglinesses. Perhaps, like the monsters leading the French Revolution, the Brights will excuse themselves as doing necessary evil: but what resulted from their bloodbaths and secret police and thought-control was not a perfect rational society, but the bigger monster of ego and destruction, Napoleon. Or again, worshipping Darwin has led to racist fascism, eugenics, birth control, and countless death.

I deeply respect the intelligence and integrity and bravery of Pat Condell, even though he is wrong about God– yet as a child of God nontheless, he sees enough of the truth in what he does believe to hold onto it and defend it.

Shame on the narrow-minded godless jerks picking on him. Maybe they will see themselves in the mirror for what they are– worse, indeed, than the religious caricatures they draw of their Christian enemies, since they are supposed to be so much the wiser & enlightened ones. ~ (Source)

One thought on “The New Atheists Get A Smackdown

  1. These secular pagans know exactly what they are doing, and impose their wrongdoing as truth on the rest of society, through our education establishments. If anyone without tenure rocks their boat they get fired by court enforcement and government decree. Like Islamic counties they do not allow any other worldview to be taught as true, but their own.

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