The Nervous Nellies

OTTAWA, May 25, 2009 ( – Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has issued a blunt response to Canadians who emailed him in the lead-up to the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in Canada, concerning Canada’s abortion laws.In a response sent to several individuals who contacted him for comment on his party’s stand on abortion, Ignatieff stated: “It is the longstanding view of the Liberal Party of Canada that women must have the right to choose, and this party will take no step that limits, or opens the door to limiting, access to safe medical services for women across Canada.”…

I find it amusing that “the issue” is the “long settled issue” that just won’t go away.¬† Ignatieff sounds like he’s giving the proverbial endorsement that¬†management sometimes gives the coach before the coach gets the boot.

I love it.

One thought on “The Nervous Nellies

  1. Hey, I received an email saying the same thing from the Igster. Assuming he means “rights” of women that have ALREADY been BORN, he seems to have no limit on when the Canadian female fetus can be killed. Apparently, two minutes prior to birth is ok by him; mom changes her mind half way out, well thats ok too.

    Another great quote from my letter is that “the Liberal Party respects the right of every Canadian to express their views freely and openly, no matter how contrary those views may seem to those of others.” See defending the unborn child is a radical fringe idea. Out of step with mainstream Canada… He should repoll that one, he may be in for a surprise.

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