4 thoughts on “The Nazis and the Hope that everyone goes to heaven

  1. Hitler was in power for 12 years. Assuming that every Jewish person suffered terribly for every minute, that is a finite number, 72 million years. To then think that a just being would add more torture for no purpose past the ending of the Universe does violence to any concept of justice. And what if Hitler made an act of perfect contrition as his soul escaped the ruins of the bunker, while another soul who enjoyed a bad thought was on his way to perdition?

  2. Hi Bill,

    So if a man were to rape and kill your wife, are you saying that he shoulnt go to jail or be punished because that would merely “add more torture for no purpose”?

  3. I think what he is objecting to is the infinite nature of the punishment, Steve.

    Here’s something for you, Bill, human beings are not animals. In fact, we are closer to angels and to God than animals.

    We are gods, Bill. That means our decisions have huge consequences – to eternal glory or damnation. Big dice. Big consequences.

    Jesus died for a reason Bill. His claims to divinity and still dying on the cross is something which should cause you to ask:


    Big consequences. Big consequences.

  4. Nice analysis. The question needs to be posed – WHY be preoccupied with “all being saved”? It could be because some clergy have become so de-sensitized to EVIL.

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