The Narrowing of Eye Slits

Rev-Know-It-All has nailed it again and provides us an account of what it was really like back in the days which spawned the rebellion against God…

(At least he has the courage to call it as it was and repent. Where is the repentance from our Bishops and a retraction of that infernal Winnipeg Statement?)

…Paul the VI was a prophet and my teachers who laughed at him were fools. The scandals we have had to endure were, I believe, a consequence of the whole sale rebellion against papal authority. My morals classes and confession practica were in large measure an attempt to teach us how to help the poor beleaguered parents in our parishes find a way around obedience to the ridiculous demands of Humane Vitae and its outmoded sexual morality.

And simply put, if you can think your way around one sin, you can find your way around any sin, and we priests did a fine job of it. The pope was a senile idiot in the view of some of those who taught me and they made it possible for every man to be his own pope. That would account for the moral chaos from which we are now awaking like some drunk on the morning after who wonders what became of his trousers and his wallet.

Nothing gets anyone so riled up as the Church’s teaching about artificial birth control. When I go to a pulpit and say perhaps we need to look at this again,  I can feel the narrowing of eye slits from women my own age who are past the time of child-bearing. I feel  their thoughts. “Are you saying that I did the wrong thing? Are you saying that I sinned by having my tubes tied, or insisting that the old goat have his untied?” …(Source)

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