The Nanny State

From a reader….

Here is an article by Barbara Kay on yet another way in which the Nanny State is mandating what people are to think and say.  What the hell, Canadians as a whole have largely abandoned being thinking and responsible adults anyway.  Give them their bread and circuses (i.e. things to buy and sexual license) and they will gladly let the state run the rest.  Contra Aristotle I do not believe most human beings are truth seekers – I think they are convenient ideas and comfort seekers.  Real thinking is hard work and what do you  get at the end of the day?  That is why the Sophists were so popular in Plato and Aristotle’s day, and in ours.  Barbara Kay is one of the half dozen columnists in Canada consistently worth reading.  She is a self-professed atheist but unlike most atheists hasn’t got an axe to grind against religion in general and Christianity in particular.

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