The Movers and Shakers of Heaven

Although the old guard in the Catholic Church (most notably the bishops) are a huge disappointment, there are signs of hope.  God is not abandoning us.  He is raising up an army, even in our midst.  As Napoleon once said,  “Nations rise and fall. The Church alone remains“.  Indeed, just as the rot in the Church is starting to peel off, a new, invigorated faith based on our sacred traditions is emerging.

Out with the shag carpet in the Vatican II lounge.  Out with nutty nuns with their polyester suit pants and social justice agenda.  And “in” with everything that is serious, beautiful, and rooted in the Faith of our Fathers….

….The sisters believe their traditional habits have a profound impact on the high schoolers.  “Because we wear a visible sign of our consecration to Christ, students are less likely to misbehave around us and more likely to take what we say seriously,” said Sister Maria Jose, a former computer analyst who teaches sophomore and junior geometry. “The students know we’re not doing this for personal gain or to advance our careers or even for altruism but for the salvation of their souls,” said Sister Thomas Aquinas, who holds a master’s degree in theology…(Source)

Those habits and the total abandonment to Christ and to us by these incredible women has a profound impact on the Church and even secular non-Catholic society.  Even the most shrill feminist shrinks from confronting such generosity of spirit.

And here’s another curious lacuna:  the Sisters don’t need to wear the stretchy pants in the family like their nutty social justice predecessors to have the real power in the family.  They find their power in obedience and humility to Christ, to the Church, and for the betterment of individuals and the real common good.  And guess what?  They get a lot more respect and moral authority than any wacko feminist nun will ever have. 

In the Catholic faith, you get real power through holiness — not ladder climbing.  And in heaven, the currency for the movers and shakers up there who have a huge impact down here is holiness, not social justice hubris.

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