“The Most Outrageous Injustice”

“The most outrageous injustice today is the attacks against the child in the womb,” said Smith. “If there is any example of injustice, it is that.”

This is a promising Statement and I commend Archbishop Smith for giving such an encouraging interview.

However, “if attacks against the child in the womb” are indeed “the most outrageous injustice”, just what have the bishops of Canada been doing on this front for the past 50 years?  They’ve been missing in action and their absence can only be described as massive negligence in the culture war of our time.  It’s better late than never that something is finally starting to move, except, of course, that D&P is still running wild.

What are our bishops telling us when they are taking such a cool attitude (let’s not get hysterical after all) to their own official “development & aid” agency which is at the FOREFRONT of enabling pro-abort groups to overturn pro-life laws?

If abortion is so outrageous as you say, your Grace, then please do something about what is happening in your own backyard.  No need to design elaborate plans or speak much, just don’t the cut cheque to Development & Peace.  With the stroke of a pen (or without one as the case may be), you can do more to defend the culture of life, then compromised preaching and milksop teaching would ever do.

How can you possibly preach to the Flock (the vast majority of whom are on the Pill or have a condom in their wallet thanks to the Canadian Bishops’ Winnipeg Statement), never mind those who don’t even attend church, when you have this massive “WE ENABLE PRO-ABORT PIMPS” sign stuck on your chasuble?

3 thoughts on ““The Most Outrageous Injustice”

  1. Perhaps +Smith should also meditate on the decision he made last May, along with all the bishops of Alberta to BOYCOTT the March For Life.

  2. I am sure that the root of the bishops’ reticence to speak boldly is fear of losing tax exempt status.
    Beseiged by law suits arising out of the sex scandals along with decreased church attendance and decreased revenue, the spectre of losing tax exemption is scaring them all into silence. They really don’t see how the Church will survive if it is broke. What is needed is real men of faith who are willing to lose the worldly position of the church vis a vis the state, even if that means the church will be reduced to a remnant. Isn’t this what Pope Benedict predicted anyway?

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