One thought on “The Marian Titles Debate

  1. We live in a former Christian Country and Civilization in Government,Law and Education,where school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer every school morning.The Ten Commandments were on Government,Courthouse and Schoolhouse walls and in the majorities hearts and minds.Christians and The Christian Priesthood Politically kept it so with the majority of the voting public. Now the Catholic and Protestant Cults are divided on the attributes of Mother Mary. School teachers and homosexual activists indoctrinate children in the tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan morality. Seculars love to divide and rule simpletons,as innocent,impressionable schoolchildren get molded by adult schoolteachers and homosexual activists into believing the tenets of paganism, as so-called neutral secular pagan human rights and social justices. What kind of democratic christian society and scholarship politically condones this, and pretends to be Christian?

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