Pope Leo XIV (Raymond Leo Burke): Dare we hope for Burke?

Great article here.

Burke also made the dissenters angry when – following the lead of Ratzinger – he excommunicated some ladies who were “ordained” priests – one even claimed to be a bishop. His letter of excommunication is exquisite, a masterpiece of canon law and reads like a document from another age. You can practically hear the long candles being smashed to the floor as the schismatics are cast from the Church.

Pope Leo XIV!  Habemus Papam?

One thought on “Pope Leo XIV (Raymond Leo Burke): Dare we hope for Burke?

  1. Well said Paycheck

    Here, I think, is another, and perhaps the most important blessing, that Burke would bring to the papacy. He regularly offers our Traditional Latin Mass,that is, according to the Roman Missal of 1962. The most important concern, and largely ignored, in our Church today, is the urgent necessity, of restoring the sacred, to our Liturgy. The shape shifting Mass of Pope Paul VI simply cannot deliver. Burke, more that any other cardinal, I believe, has the courage to do this. Documents such as Summorum Pontificum (2007), are not enough. The Pope, by example, must lead the way. Only then, will our fainthearted “simple Simon says” bishops, start to change, albeit with wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Pope Pius VII, in France, for the coronation of Napoleon, offered Holy Mass, reverently saying the black and doing the red. His example, by and large, put a stop, to the liturgical lunacies of the Jansenists. The faithful, rough or polished, came out in droves, and sang the Credo, with the Holy Father.

    Yes for Pope Leo XIV, Deo Volente

    Burke is my first pick, Ranjith my second.

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