The mainstream media; unfair and imbalanced

So the media drumbeat rages on.  Pro-lifers are responsible for the death of George Tiller.  We are nothing but a bunch of terrorists.  The Catholic Bishops used mind control to influence  the gunman, blah, blah, blah…  When are we going to stop defending ourselves and instead go on offence for a change.   Is this really too hard to figure out?  Like I wrote in an earlier post, the media will never be on our side.  With this in mind, maybe we should turn the tables.  If someone in the press accuses us of being responsible for the behaviour of one deranged individual, we should reject the premise and instead blame them for the millions of abortions that have been performed in North America.  Let’s name names.  After all, their silence on the issue, along with the fact that they cover up crimes committed by these so-called doctors would at least make them accessories to murder.  The truth is that the mainstream media is partially responsible for the death of at least one medium size city each year in Canada.  They are nothing but abortion enablers.

 Chris Beneteau 

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