The Little Black Book’s Different Editions

In the course of my investigation tonight, I have discovered that The Little Black Book has gone through many revisions. The most recent version of this “work” dated September 2006 appears to have edited out some of the the more sexually explicit, graphic, and egregiously offensive material originally included BUT NOT BY MUCH. For instance, perusing through the table of contents, the “Sexual Identities” section appears to have been removed but the story is included elsewhere. The substance of at least one of the stories, for instance, is the same with a slight change in the title. i.e. Instead of “My first time F_CKING a girl”, it’s “My first time SEXING a girl.”

But one has to ask the basic and obvious question: if St. Stephen’s Community House did nothing wrong and the work in question is so beneficial to our children’s health, why did they remove the book from their website? Aren’t they proud of their work? This was a publicly funded project from government money. We, as taxpayers, want to see just where our tax dollars are going. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not like the WHOLE WORLD doesn’t know what’s going on here, guys. Have you not heard of ‘Google’? Amazon, Chapters Indigo and, until recently, Walmart are all carrying it. And they list you as the funders.

To read some of the less smutty selections of the revised book, click here. As the authors explain…

…it took 2 years of revisions of constant revisions (gee I wonder why?) with a number of youth and community professionals (like Debbie ‘L. Do-ya, no doubt), including social workers and doctors (I guess even the original version was too perverse for our already sex-saturated culture), to edit and review it…and here we are today (ah…but where will you be in 6 months time?)….Reading about all these issues may bring up questions that are not answered in The Little Black Book (wink wink, I bet you have another racier version for us right…in colour fa sure!) so please check out the websites and hotlines (does it start with 900?) listed if you require additional information. We hope you enjoy the book.


Bridget Sinclair, Project Co-ordinator and Facilitator
Marlon Merraro, Manager, Youth Services
St. Stephen’s Community House

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