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  1. About the year 307 Roman Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity bringing The Lord’s Prayer and The Ten Commandments into Western Civilization. In 1962 The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments declared unconstitutional by The United States Supreme Court, and replaced by “neutral” Secularism. The majority of Western Governments did not pass Bills reversing these harmful decisions. The majority of the Public do not realize or care about the consequences of their legal, and political deception on our society. Thus,the majority of West followed suit. The consequences of no-fault divorce 1968, Abortion on demand 1973 , Kinsey Sex Education taught as human rights from Kindergarten through University, homosexual marriage in the 2000’s which normalizes this morbid behavior from Kindergarten, as legalized so-called human rights etc.

    When The Ten Commandments and The Lord’s Prayer are taken out of Government, Law, Education, and replaced with man’s so-called “neutral” Secularism, then all that is left is man’s pagan morality, and arbitrary justice. Children suffer the most from being indoctrinated and exploited from Kindergarten onward. You can hear this by their mimicking and living by secularisms wordview. The public’s political apathy and indifference has caused this in The Democratic West. Only hard political work by good people can change this.

  2. Sorry I wish I could agree entirely rather than just some.

    Your argument seems to presuppose too much that it is hard work alone politically.

    More we need to pray and to beg Jesus for mercy that many hearts and minds will be converted, in a grass roots way, to see His Way and Truth.

    To perceive the folly of our reliance on a now as only but definiteky also political is deeply flawed on basic levels.

    The now higher reliance on secular “faith” values in the false gods of money, power, fame, entertainment, sports, excesses of all kinds and in spending on, medicine, psychiatry, prescription and non- prescription drugs, flawed social work, on sex, and in various self-indulgences including abortion, euthanasia, the breakdown of respect for marriage and the family and a general devaluation of our Judeo-Christian values and the pillars on which traditional Western Society was originally built. This is the bigger picture overall problem. It is a values crisis before being one of any other type and at all levels and aspects of modern society.

    As this domination continues of extreme non-traditional and non-christian views driven by and controlled by a minority of citizens. Those who bully the rest of us into accepting their flawed ideals and policies. Or to which the rest of the public is either apathetic, or too accepting of wrong-headed simple solutions to deeper problems.

    These flawed values are now very entrenched in our society, its government, bureaucracies and institutions.

    Without a Values Shift back to the domination of Christian values and principles, and given our very flawed economic, private and public institutions, political and social bureaucracies, and their secular value systems and agendas, even where countries should remain or become democratic, it is so frankly now rigged to a Godless outcome, we need more basic respones and action. Actions in faith, hope, love and the response of Christ to love in all circumstances and situations.

    Only true Divine Intervention, through both our Ora et Labora (Prayer AND Work) and His Spirit can save us from the “race for the bottom” and from taking the lowest common denominator in most spheres of human influence today.

    Let us hope also and pray for “more labourers for this harvest” , for more of its interests and values to reemerge, and in its ability through Christ alone to bring us to a post-atheistic and more true balanced Christ – centered view and life of human prosperity in mind, body and soul.

    Without this values shift to Christ’s Way and Love, even democracy and democratically controlled private and public structures and institutions are destined to crumble and fall based on their current values, “built on a foundation of soft sand” on which they are currently so obviously failing our citizens and children.

    God Bless

  3. When a perversion is legalized, and is recognized as a normal human right in marriage;then adult teachers and activists of that persuasion normalize this to innocent impressionable schoolchildren, and form clubs to recruit them into this now legalized activity. The myth being that innocent schoolchildren can only be recruited by adults into this legalized morbidity,because they were born that way.
    This morbid indoctrination of schoolchildren effects the entire Western Civilization. These children grow up believing the enforced morbidity they are indoctrinated with in their schools.

    September 2005 the majority in The Canadian House of Commons voted not to raise the age of sex consent; therefore the Majority in The Supreme Court of Canada that same December a few days before Christmas, decided consenting 14 year old’s were as adults. Who did this reward? Now sex trafficking predators and pedophiles had a legal destination to sexually exploit Canadian Children, as a legal so-called human right. This is what happens because of our societies political apathy and indifference.Teachers Federations, The Teachers Colleges, our Professional Organizations etc.,ought to look at The Centers for Disease Control Data,and Public Health Agency Of Canada HIV and AIDS IN Canada Surveillance reports Data regarding this from when data was first collected to the present, so they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt the morbidity of normalizing this perversion to innocent schoolchildren,as a so-called Human Right. The majority don’t seem to give a rip anymore.

    In 2005 after these diabolical acts were legalized by the majority in Parliament, and The Supreme Court Of Canada ,Professor Tom Landers was so upset at this now legalized sexual exploitation of Canadian youth that he, and his friends politically organized groups of concerned citizens across Canada to inform their MP’s of their feelings for the sick Bills they passed into Canadian Law, which pervert and sear the consciences of impressionable school children. By 2008 the number of concerned parents and citizens grew so large, finally In 2008 a private members Bill was presented in The House Of Commons to raise the age of sex consent, because of the legal exploitation of Canadian children by adults as a human right, that it passed into Canadian Law by three votes. What Tom and His friends did was against the law,but the law was rotten to the core, and needed to be changed by the democratic citizens of Canada, and this was done in 2008,for the moment. Exploiters of children never stop to get their desires legalized Politically,so we must remain politically vigilant too. All morbid laws can be changed by the democratic citizens will.

    Stephen Harper can change them “today” and give good reasons for doing so, if he was mentored by Professor Tom Landers and friends; but he and about 18 others of his majority party vote with the Liberals and N D P on many family values Bills in The Canadian House Of Commons.
    In a democracy the laws of the land are thus in the voters hands. Please don’t remain politically apathetic and indifferent as children are legally perverted, and mentally abused in schools,by law as a human right and social justice. Values are decided Politically by voters in a democracy. I started school with The Lord’s Prayer, and The Ten Commandments were on Government, Schoolroom and Courtroom Walls and in our societies hearts. What hinders thou,as Professor Landers would say?

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