The Law Society of Ontario: Christians less than persons in law

So the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) which regulates lawyers in Ontario has recently declared that if you are a Christian and seek to associate with other Christians and do so in forming a law school, you cannot be admitted to practice law in society.   And why?  What is the reason for such a blatant persecution of people who don’t worship the same-sex god as the liberal elites of the legal establishment?

Jonathan Kay has an interesting article on the subject here.

I also have something to ask the LSUC.  I am sure they are familiar with this argument.  It goes something like this:

How is a Christian’s practice of Godly sex a threat to Gay Canada?  Have we not heard that refrain before?  You know, “How is Gay Sex a threat to you?”  Remember that one?

It appears that the LSUC is just spitting mad that anyone would abstain from sex for any reason.  They see this abstention as some kind of threat to their own promiscuous ways, and they seek to enforce their sexual ideology by ensuring that there is no public association which consensually demurs from the prevailing sexual dogma of our legal high priests.

Tolerance and diversity?  You must be joking.

I’m not sure if totalitarianism has a sexual orientation, but I think we can all see what it is if it indeed has one.

4 thoughts on “The Law Society of Ontario: Christians less than persons in law

  1. This is a very misleading comment. It has nothing to do with homosexualilty, but LSUC is second guessing the quality of education at TWU for preparation for the Ontario bar. As such, it considers a code of conduct which, among other things, forbids smoking (which, as a COPD sufferer I applaud), drinking, cussing, and , of course, sex by unmarrried couples. This is an honor code similar to that established by Brigham Young University Law School, which is fully accredited by the ABA and whose graduates can take the bar in every state. Homosexuals have no kids and a lot of money and good access to the press, but this is not a discrimination case at all. But I wouldn’t know by reading your article.

  2. Sorry, Bill, it has everything to do with the Gay Lobby and their associates in the Anti-Christian bigot community. Don’t kid yourself.

  3. With all due respect, you guys find gays under every bed. The real issue is the total power given to the Law Societies in every province, rather than national accreditation, as is the case in the USA. LSUC (yes, they suck) also controls licensing of paralegals, the only province where they have that authority. And many US fully accredited law schools have similar codes of conduct, which are self-enforcing. Let’s have more accurate journalism and less of that Gay Panic. Reminds this old fellow of the Red Panic under Joe McCarthy.

  4. The Worldview-Religion of Secularism forces it’s morality and justice through it’s schools, by using adult teachers, homosexual activists and activist lawyers who first legalize morbid sodomy ,and then legally normalize this which is included in Kinsey Sex Education to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren from Kindergarten, as a legalized human right.

    This has changed the character and morality of our society in government, law and education etc., through secular indoctrination since 1962. The businesses who make multiplied billions, because of legalized secular immorality, have lots of time and money to convince democratic people secularism is good for them. This is done through the popular media, courts,schools etc. Communism is another anti-Christian worldview which also indoctrinates it’s society through schools etc.

    Secularists claim dishonestly that the Worldview-Religion of Secularism is neutral, but it legalizes it’s immorality, morbidity etc., then imposes it on everyone as legalized so-called human rights starting with Kindergarteners. Teachers who refuse to indoctrinate innocent, impressionable children with homosexual literature, are considered unsuitable to work in their chosen professions. With all due respect to our old friend here, the dishonest excuses of neutral Secularism have been long exposed.

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