The Last Stand for the Catholic System

TORONTO — Two prominent Ottawa Catholic leaders — including Archbishop Terrence Prendergast — spoke out Wednesday on the province’s new sex-ed curriculum, pointing to what appears to be an emerging rift between the government and its publicly funded Catholic schools.

A senior Ottawa Catholic board official says her schools will not adhere to the new curriculum, contrary to Premier Dalton McGuinty’s contention earlier in the day that the program applied to “all students in publicly funded schools, including Catholic schools.”

“Mr. McGuinty seems to be misinformed here,” said Jan Bentham, co-ordinator of religious and family life education for the Ottawa Catholic School Board. “The ministry consulted with ICE (the Institute for Catholic Education) and they were very aware there would be some content we would not be delivering in Catholic schools.”

The most obvious element rejected by Catholic schools will be a third-grade lesson on “visible and invisible differences” that features discussion of homosexuality.
Homosexuality won’t be raised in Catholic schools until Grade 8, according to Bentham, when it will be covered “from a faith perspective,” she said. Catholic teaching considers homosexual acts to be “disordered.” … (read the rest here).

This will be the last stand for the Catholic School System.  If they cave on this, there will be no reason for a Catholic system any longer.

And I think that is the purpose of the legislation.

Frankly, for the system to fall is not the worst thing that can happen.  It’s barely Catholic now.

We’ll just start again without the 30 pieces of silver we got from the government back in 1985. 

And only real Catholics will apply this time because it will cost money and sacrifice.

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