The Language of “Mercy”

Pope Francis is loved but for all the wrong reasons: because it is thought his words open the door to the relaxation of “bedsheet dogmas” or open the sanctuary gates to the swish of women in chasubles. In other words, if he has one thing in common with Pope Benedict, it is this: he is misunderstood. But here is the difference: Benedict was misunderstood and hated while Francis is misunderstood and loved. And why? On matters of sexual ethics, Benedict told the hard truth but tempered it with kindness. Francis is all kindness and seems to assume that because he is a “son of the Church”, nobody will mistake his meaning. But really, if you’re the Vicar of Christ, would you rather be hated because you told the truth (albeit kindly), or loved because someone thought you were changing the truth? (Source)

I really do hope that Pope Francis goes on a year-long world-wide tour, decrying abortion and homosexuality…because that’s about the cost of the damage his remarks have done to the movements who defend unborn life and marriage.  For all of the faux outrage at Benedict’s “PR” problem during his Pontificate, this one really is a PR disaster and a thousand times worse.

I have no issues with the Holy Father putting our discussion on life issues in context.  I have a big issue with his defacto marginalization of the pro-life movement and the movement to protect marriage.  It’s not right…even for us who follow the “small-minded” rules – rules, I should remind everyone, which were put in place by very holy and, yes, humble men to protect greater truths.

One thought on “The Language of “Mercy”

  1. I agree totally with your assessment – I’ve never seen so much ‘damage control’ undertaken by the Catholic media regarding the confusion created by the Pope’s remarks. This is only the beginning of his pontificate – unfortunately I’m sure there will be more to come.

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