One thought on “The Language of Love

  1. This speech moved my mentors and me into political action after prayer. I used parts of it for my political speech in 2001. Remember how we united Canadian citizens from 2005 to change rotten Canadian Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005 in 2008. This is what prayer can move Canadians to do. Prayer was not passive in Pagan Rome, and it ought not to remain passive in The Democratic Secular Pagan West. Prayer in a former Christian Democracy demands the political involvement of it’s concerned and Christian voting citizens etc. When you speak regularly to The Judge, don’t you know that he will hold you responsible for the political evil you allow? You are not speaking to Allah, Venus, Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Joseph Smith, William Russel, Neptune, Bacchus, The C B C, Western Popular Media Moguls, Charles Darwin or James Rachels you know.

    The West became Pagan in 1962 when the US Supreme Court declared The Lord’s Prayer unconstitutional ,the majority of Elected Politicians did not challenge this ,and Secularism with it’s morality spread like wildfire, because of the political apathy and indifference of the majority of so-called Christians etc. As the Christian consensus is forgotten, by indoctrinated Secular Pagan morality through Western education establishments, popular media etc., evil prospers. In a democracy The Bills Passed by elected politicians become Law. This is not Rocket Science. To those who are A W O L in the spiritual Political Culture War raging all around us for the minds, and souls of Western Children please get out of your mental fog.

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