The kids of same-sex parents aren’t doing as well

Some interesting scientific findings:

Two new peer-reviewed studies released this week by the academic journal Social Science Research challenge the claim that there are no differences in outcomes between children raised by parents who have same-sex relationships and those raised by their biological mother and father in intact, stable marriages. (Source)

These two studies are a devastating one-two punch to the social engineers who advocate for homosexual parenting. The first study thoroughly reviews the 59 studies reference by the American Psychological Association and finds that not a single one is based on solid science. So the first study basically throws the existing “literature” into the garbage.

The second study presents empirical findings of its own based on a unprecedentedly-large sample of almost 3000 young adults. The study compares the outcomes of these individuals based on the type of parents they had. Compared to children of intact biological families, they found that children of homosexual parents had higher incidences of criminal behaviour,  use of drugs, anxiety, depression, contagion with sexually transmitted infections, infidelity, and sexual abuse by their parents.

On that last point, when asked if they were ever touched sexually by a parent or other adult, the children of lesbian mothers were 11 times more likely to say “yes” and the children of gay fathers were 3 times more likely to say “yes” than the children of intact biological families. Get this: 23% of the children of lesbian parents said they were touched sexually by a parent or other adult. That’s 1 in 4! Are you kidding me? That’s an epidemic. How do the lefties explain this away?

I don’t know how much longer society can ignore these facts. Something will have to give eventually.


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