The Judiths of the Pro-Life Movement

***This is a fundraiser. Please read entire entry.***

There is a book in the Old Testament called Judith which is a kind of “theological novel” of sorts.  It does not recount pure history as is rather obvious from the historical record, but represents an allegory or extended parable to emphasize a particular point. while utilizing characters and places in other parts of the bible which are historical.

Narratively, this book is about a Jewish heroin, Judith, a beautiful widow, who is disturbed about Israel not trusting God to save them from their enemies.  She travels with her companion to the Assyrian camp where she meets Holofernes, a General.  After whispering sweet nothings in his ear and promising information on the Jews, she gains his confidence and is permitted to sleep in his tent.  In one night of drunkenness, Holofernes dozes off and Judith efficiently cuts off his head, slips out of the tent, and returns to Israel with Holofernes’s head in tow.  After losing their leader, the Assyrians scatter and Israel is saved.  Judith remains a virgin the rest of her life, despite many suitors.

Judith is a symbol of the perserverance and heroism of the young pro-life women in this country.  Just like Judith showed the Jewish men what it took to overcome their enemies, we’ve got women right here in Canada too who’ve shown us men “how it’s done, hon’ ” (despite some of our our religious “leaders” preferring not to sully their hands with disturbing images of what their own precedessors’ betrayals have brought).  And just like Judith, they also have remained virgin in one fundamental respect:   shunning their careers and prospects, they’ve given all to publicly witness for Christ’s Unborn.

We have very brave Judiths who tackle the abortion issue, day in and day out in a whole variety of ways and degrees. There’s bloggers and media personalities like Suzanne Fortin and Andrea Mozek who hold the fort on the internet and in the media. There’s women who witness silently outside of abortion clinics by organizing 40 Day for Life Campaigns like Nicole Campbell in Toronto and Julie Culshaw in Halifax. There’s pure “on the ground” activists who confront abortuaries head-on like Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons and spend years in jail for witnessing to unborn life. Then there’s groups of women like Real Women of Canada and pro-life political activists like Alissa Golob at Campaign Life.  And young women like Stephanie Gray and Ruth Lobo who are out there on the Streets and on University campuses, challenging the Public and Academia to face the gruesome “choice” to which they have reduced humanity.

***This is a fundraiser. Please read entire entry.***

These Judiths are an inspiration not only to young pro-life women who will one day take the baton, but also to pro-life men to, as the expression goes, “grow a pair”.  There’s an irony, of course, in the symbolism of Judith cutting off the Enemy’s head.  It is, after all, our opponents who cut the heads off of innocent babies in the womb, while the Pro-Life Movement categorically rejects violence to accomplish its goals.  In the Old Testament, God tolerated the violence of the Jews in the “brokenness of their condition” because He was dealing with a semi-Nomadic and barbaric humanity at the time, much like God tolerated divorce in the time of Moses.  But, as in the cases of divorce and war in the Old Testament, when the fullness of God’s Word which was revealed to the world was received, these means were rejected because, as Jesus told the Pharisees about divorce, But it was not this way from the beginning.” (Matthew 19:8).

The pro-aborts are still wallowing in the idea that violence against babies can bring them peace, freedom, and fulfillment.  It represents backward thinking and a gutterization of the human person.

And yet the lesson of Judith is ultimately not about cutting off the head of our enemies, but simply to trust in God’s Grace to do His will with courage, resilience, and tenacity in this war.  The picture of Judith cutting off the head of Holofernes disturbs people of Faith in part because someone had the guts to actually do something radical for God, to crush the Serpent’s head, as the Mother of Jesus did with her fiat to the Incarnation.  It speaks to us because we feel an obligation to answer God’s call in our lives.  It’s the same discomfort we feel when we see people standing with pictures of babies who have their heads severed.  We should be standing with them to end this slaughter, but we generally don’t have the guts to do it.

So here now we have an opportunity to raise up more Judiths in our midst.

Some time ago, I blogged about a young woman who is seeking to advance her pro-life missionary work.  I’m helping her raise funds to join CCBR in Calgary over the next several months (starting in May) for training and internship.

Socon or Bust readers know that we’re a “results-based” operation around here.   When we get involved in something, we want to see the beef.  We want results and we want the victory.  Throwing away money on bureaucracy and spinning wheels doesn’t cut it with us.   Lean and a little mean (i.e. grit) is how we like to push things forward in our endeavours.

We’re still a bit short in our fundraising efforts for her, and I want to see if Socon or Bust readers will consider donating once more for this effort. We’re pegging the goal at $1,000.  Totally within our reach at this blog, if we get readers to pony up. So, I’m asking for your help once again.   There’s no overhead here. It’s for food and lodging.  It’s just a straight donation to the pro-life cause.

Just to give you an idea of what she’s about and what she’s been doing, click here to read her Newsletter.

Let’s go, everyone. Judith is waiting.  She needs provisions for her trip.  Let’s raise the money.

To donate online, click here and type “Devorah Gilman Internship” in the comment section of your donation information. Then email me here: and let me know you did it. To write a cheque, please e-mail me directly for more information.

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