The Jackboots are Saddling Up


Just to give you all the heads up, Katy McIntyre, the CUSA VP of Student Services has proposed an amendment to the CUSA Constitution. The proposed amendment seeks to change CUSA’s position from one of neutrality, by declaring themselves a pro-choice governing body. The amendment will prevent any groups who are not pro-choice from obtaining club status and funding. The move is directly targeted at Carleton Lifeline, but if the proposed amendment is passed, it will also affect many Christian, Jewish, and Muslim groups on campus. McIntrye says CUSA will screen clubs to ensure that they are not”anti-choice”. The proposal was discussed this evening at the CUSA Council meeting. Nicholas and I were both present and able to ask a few questions. The motion to amend will be put forward at the council’s next meeting in earlyDecember. We will keep you up to date with developments, but in the meantime any words of wisdom, advice or prayers would be greatly appreciated.

– Sarah FletcherPresident of Carleton Lifeline


Why not just ban all religions next? I mean, isn’t that what they are after anyhow? All religions of course except the religion of Moloch and the most holy sacrament of abortion. And all the Molochites say “Amen”.

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