The Islamification of Belgium

Islam is a reaction of how the West has royally screwed up the idea of freedom.

Did you catch that magic word, “birth rate” and how the Sharia propagandist characterized how to fight back against Islam? He said, “Get yourselves multiple wives and many kids.”  Now he said this tongue-in-cheek, implying that we all should become Muslim.

But there is nevertheless a truth in what he said.  If you have no children as a culture and an opposing culture does, it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out what’s gonna happen.

In more sexually responsible times, the West may have been able to meet this challenge and respond effectively by changing how we view women, children, and sex.

But in today’s orgasm-now-and-to-hell-with-the-future ideology, we’re as good as castrated and neutered.

It’s like seeing a pack of wolves surrounding a wounded deer hobbling around helplessly after being injured.

We won’t give up the disordered sex, so we’re gonna die and so is our culture.

Tot Ziens.

One thought on “The Islamification of Belgium

  1. I am curious for I come from Belgium.As a kid and youngster, I was in many places, never saw an other church than Catholic. I was lid of the “VVKS’ the Catholic Scouts;my promise in 1932.I can proof that I propagate (evangelize) Catholic life. Visited Turnhout(Belgium)in 2004.Prayed at statue of Jesus on central market place,alone. Statue in terrible shape,held together with 5 metal bands.Back in Canada, wrote to 100+families & the Mayor there, the statue had to be repaired. Complete new statue 2006. I went back, prayed at new statue, again alone.People prayed in churches to obtain end of war. The city and people were saved. So, people forgot about God; much less people in churches. For years I write my friends there to rebuild the church. They seem to think, we are too old to act. Silly.I just keep asking them to start acting.I keep hoping. Please, make words readeble !! You are so smart SOCON.

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