The “Inspection” Myth of Abortion

The pro-choice radicals are reeling right now. As expected, they’re claiming that the Gosnell tragedy could have been avoided with more oversight. What a sick joke.

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) inspected Gosnell the butcher in 2009 but nothing happened. They didn’t report him. And yet somehow more inspections are supposed to solve the problem? How stupid do they think women are?¬†As the grand jury observed: “We have to question why an evaluator from NAF, whose stated mission is to ensure safe, legal, and acceptable abortion care, and to promote health and justice for women, did not report Gosnell to authorities.”
Why? For the same reason we don’t rely on Exxon or Shell to do environmental inspections.
I have a really silly question: if all the other NAF-approved abortion providers were so keen on taking good care of women, why did they keep referring tons of patients to Gosnell, who had earned a bad reputation among his colleagues? He was getting referrals from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and all parts of Pennsylvania. Surely these do-good woman-loving abortionists would never refer their patients to an ill-reputed doctor, would they? Apparently they would.
Clearly, this isn’t about inspections. The entire abortion industry (not just Gosnell) is all about killing babies. In the womb, out of the womb, to the left or right of the womb. It’s all the same. When you’re in the business of killing babies without regret, you also lose regret for the women having the abortions. Violence begets more violence. Dehumanize the child and you’ll eventually dehumanize the woman carrying it. That’s why women also become victims of abortions.

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