One thought on “The ideologue does not know what love is

  1. In a democracy the people are accountable and responsible to elect good politicians , and policies to rule over them. In the past Kings appointed politicians or governors. Today in Canada the people are responsible to make sure their leaders do as they ought to. Without followers leaders cannot do much harm.

    A study of the appointed governor or politician Nehemiah is a reference to good political leadership. Nehemiah 5:14 King Artaxerxes, appointed me Governor of Judah for twelve years, neither I nor my kinsmen demanded the Governors salary. Now the former Governors , my predecessors, had been a burden on the people, from whom they took forty shekels of silver every day as their allowance, while their servants oppressed the people also. But I never did this. And furthermore I worked on Jerusalem’s wall all the time,and my servants were also all employed on the work. In my favor, my God, remember all I have done for this people.

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