The Howlers

Howlers, which come in several distinct species, are among the largest New World monkeys, with long prehensile tails, travelling through the upper canopies of jungles, ranging from southern Mexico down to northern Argentina, and back up again to Venezuela (where one of them appears to have become the president).But more to the point, each has an outsized hyoid bone, at the base of its tongue, allowing it to brace tongue against larynx in ways not possible to other animals. In human beings, the more discreet equivalent of this bone makes speech possible. In howler monkeys, it facilitates an excruciatingly loud noise, which is used by male and female alike to announce their territory. These are, according to the Smithsonian Institute (you see, I’m checking everything now), the loudest animals in the world.

How loud? You can hear them five kilometres away, through dense tropical foliage. On a modern, wind-swept university campus, you can probably hear them even farther. (David

Such is the cackle of theĀ fascist Left these days.

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