The Homosexualist Hunt is on for Mother & Daughter

In Central America.

You can thank that God-damned Winnipeg Statement & The Canadian Bishops for contributing to this state of affairs. Contraception first. Then Gay “marriage” is just a stone’s throw away.  Then the hunt is on.  And then..? Use your imagination.

So far, no apologies or repentance after 40+ years of begging by Canadian Catholics to stop the Episcopal dissent and treachery.  Just crickets and milksop like this:

 “Nothing could be gained and much lost by an attempt to rephrase what we have said in Winnipeg. We stand squarely behind our position but we feel it is our duty to insist on a proper interpretation of that position.” (Source)

Where is the repentance?  Where is the acknowledgement of the consequences of what their betrayal has meant?

Where is it?

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