The Hijack Placebo

CBC falls flat on its Facebook

Facebook may be the in place to blog nowadays, unless, maybe, you’re pro-abortion.

About a month ago, the CBC encouraged Canadians to participate in the Great Canadian Wish List , an unmoderated public forum on Facebook on how to improve the country.

Anti-abortionists overwhelmed the site with calls to revoke abortion rights. But when pro-choice bloggers blogged back, some found their access to the site denied.

Says Joyce Arthur, spokesperson for the national Pro-Choice Action Network , “It’s an experiment that went badly. A slugfest between pro-choice and anti-abortion groups is not something that Canadians want to see on Canada Day.”



The women are so angry.

And they can’t make up their mind whether the contest was meaningful to them or not.

At times they are in denial of the reality which has existed in Canada for many years now; namely, the majority of Canadians want some pretty severe restrictions on abortion. So they foolishly dismiss this reality as “meaningless” as if by merely declaring it so will shoo away the inevitable end of abortion.

At other times, like the article above makes apparent, they need to comfort themselves with…you guessed it…the “hijack” placebo. Yes, folks, you too can order it free from Dumb Choicers Inc. Whenever your opponents make you feel uncomfortable in your pro-abort position and that in fact, you are not the majority in this country, just pop one of those placebos back and you too can sit back and feel content that what happened didn’t really happen. It was all just one big hijack.

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